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Based in Los Angeles, Talent Network Productions is a boutique full service photo and motion production company. We are your gateway to Hollywood and the USA, connecting you directly with everything you may possibly need. Let us help you create something truly fantastic for your brand or cause. We produce a variety of visual media including catalogs, print and digital advertising campaigns, music videos, album covers, gaming, fashion and celebrity editorials, documentaries, mood films, branded short films, corporate materials, branded events, art shows and we conduct CASTINGS. Let us assist you with your photography and filming production needs. We encourage you to use our extensive resources to your advantage.

Let us create a perfect fit for your ventures, causes and campaigns. In addition we can offer you assistance with concepts and product launches, from market research & analysis to marketing and advertising strategies to media planning and buying (digital, print Broadcast, outdoor, social media). We are fast, efficient, creative and resourceful, and have a long list of references.

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Production, endorsements and much more

We connect all the dots for you from A to Z.

Take advantage of our connections and years of production experience. From location scouting to initial concept to the finished project, we can assist with all your needs. From creative pitches to idea generation, to fee negotiations and usage rights, production logistics, pre and post production. . We can also assist you with just part or parts of your project. Simply plug in your existing resources and let us handle the rest. From very large to smaller projects and from partial to all in. This not being our first rodeo, and the fact that our track record is impeccable will offer you peace of mind and guaranteed results.

We have access to an extensive list of celebrities. Please contact us for more details. Do you have a particular celebrity in mind? Let us connect you, and make it happen!

Production Services

Talent • Castings • Production consulting • Scouting • Locations • Mansions • Studios • Permits • Budgeting • Crews • Concepts • Facilitating • Scheduling • Invoicing • Insurance • Models • Actors • Directors of photography • Photographers • Directors • Red camera packages • Hair and Make-up artists • Wardrobe • Prop stylists • Stylists • Catering • On-site office and support crew • Travel arrangements • Communications • Carnets • Freight forwarders • Vehicle and equipment rentals • Transportation • Hotels • Entertainment • Props • Set construction • Well kept secrets • Vintage cars and bikes • Boats • Planes/Drones/Helicopters • Wild animals • Spaceships (not yet)

+Working with a multilingual producer eliminates language and cultural barriers.


Talent Network Productions offers casting services for any size project. Our casting team has established long standing relationships with agencies large and small + Los Angeles has an incredible and very diverse talent pool to choose from for all age brackets. You will love it !


From Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida and everywhere in between • Death Valley • Joshua Tree • Las Vegas • San Diego • Monument Valley • Palm Springs • San Francisco • Santa Barbara • Napa Valley • Hawaii • Florida Keys • Desert • Beaches • Nature • Urban Settings • Aerial Shots. We produce worldwide!

About Us

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Mark Feller, CFO / Producer

With established global relationships, Mark Feller (aka "The Facilitator") has over a decade of production experience with European, Asian and South American clients. This ensures smooth transactions, and more value for your investment. He is a master at bridging cultural differences in order to maximize results for his clients , and has built a superb customizable team of professionals and resources to cover your creative, production and marketing needs.

Diana Sofko, Producer

Diana Sofko (aka "get it done") has built great relationships with agencies, talent and vendors. Her background in advertising facilitates operations and fee negotiations. When it comes to production services, castings and celebrities endorsements , she offers a fresh perspective and a direct approach.

Jack Gerlach, Writer, Director / Creative Wizard

Jack Gerlach (aka "The army of one") is the mastermind behind numerous advertising campaigns, music videos and mood films. Part creative genius, part mad savant, part sensible mensch/millennial. Jack has the unique ability to convey moods, feelings and desires by subtly utilizing creative content, stories and images. He has won numerous awards as a filmmaker and writer.

Mark Feller Portrait
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Our Studio

Our loft, located in the heart of the most creative area in Los Angeles, offers all the amenities of a production office, photo studio and casting facility just minutes from the beach.


Contact Us

P.O. Box 642546, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tel: 310 570 6275