Mark M. Feller

Environmental strategies 

Environmentally driven corporate reputation, marketing campaigns & trend acceleration


Step 1: Understanding Carbon Dioxide & Climate Change.  

Watch the first very short explainer video. 

                                                       Carbon Farming (3:56) 

The second video is not a must. Bored already? You can simply skip to step 2.

Or watch this celebrity narrated explainer, and learn how even simple things can have a massive impact.

                                           Creating Regenerative Loops (6:46)


Step 2: 100 Solutions to Reverse Global Warming. 

Click on the link below. Then pick a few and click on them for a brief explanation. 

                                         Summary of Solutions by Overall Rank

                                                    or even simpler

The 100+ solutions are divided into 7 sector summaries. Just pick one below that is of 

interest to you and click on it :

Electricity Generation, Food, Women and Girls, Buildings and Cities, Land Use, Transport, Materials



Step 3: How to Reshape our Future/The Sustainable Golden Age.

We are currently experiencing a clear failure of imagination. Here is how it all ties 

together in regard to the environment, economics, technology, business, government, and society. Click on the link below (If you can just watch half of the techno-economic paradigm shifts, 2018 Summit) you will be able to get it.

                                          Creating a Sustainable Future (18:47)

One of the biggest threats to our planet is the belief someone else will save it.

History has taught us that doomed civilizations generally do not react until it is too late.

This generation has the responsibility to shape the future. 

Questions and ideas are welcome.