Step #1) Understanding carbon dioxide & climate, and why are we choking on pollution, poison, and trash.

Watch these 2 short clips (10 min. of your life)

Step #2) What can be done? I don’t get it.

7  SECTOR SUMMARIES (of what is already available to us) :

  1. Electricity generation
  2. Food  
  3. Women and girls 
  4. Building and cities  
  5. Land use 
  6. Transport
  7. Materials

You can click on each one for a short summary, just pick 10 you can somewhat relate to. (spend 10 min. on this)

Step #3) I still don’t get it. We are experiencing a clear failure of imagination. 

How are we going to do that in regards to the environment, technology, business, 

government, and society? 

(18 min. of your life, but if you can focus for 9 min. You’ll get it.)

Hello “Sustainable global golden age” have we met?

This generation has the opportunity to shape the future. Step #1 #2 #3 should give you a pretty good understanding of where we are and where we could go.

More shall be revealed in step #4 and #5

Questions and ideas are welcome.

Mark Feller

Environmental consultant

Forward Thinker /Marketeer/Trend accelerator