Dubai is a lab for new building applications. We were very fortunate to work there numerous times. Architectural marvels galore. Possibilities galore. The future is now. From the city to the desert to private islands and the sea. @Expo2020 is just around the corner. Bigger, bolder, better. We are especially excited to showcase the Dubai Creek Harbour and opera district developments , and of course the new Louvre by Jean Nouvel ┬áin Abu Dhabi……and the new Guggenheim Museum and the highest tower in the world and the new palm and the flying Ueber drones and the great Dubai wheel and the design district. Extremely luxurious locations. Great locations. Great production value. After all that some R&R on Nurai island and a camel ride or off roading through the Liwa desert. Hey it worked for Cardi B and her Hit “Bodak Yellow”

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